Oh, pardon me Sir!


All Around Bend Challenge!

I will be offering a free signed copy of my All Around Bend guidebook and a signed color print for whoever finds and takes another picture of this handsome fellow. I’m not giving any clues as to its location…aside from mentioning the nearest community to it…Camp Sherman.

This challenge will NOT expire until someone finds it and send a pic. I’ll repeat…there is no deadline. Good luck out there!

To claim the Challenge, email your photo to geof@longerroad.com!

Oh, and as a seasoned interneteur, I would sensibly recommend not just googling ‘peeing stump’ or some variant… unless you’re looking for something quite different than this.


The weekends of September are looking up for me, specifically the prospect of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire.

Granted, the wife can refuse to fully participate in the faire by not dressing up as authentically as I (or dressing up at all)…but she would hopefully at least be in favor of dressing the dog up. I mean, how can someone say no to this?

You can’t, she can’t, no one can.

Of course Jaeda isn’t exaclty as cute as this little pup, but she’d make an adorable warhound nonetheless.

Mythgard Institute

At last, I can get my PHD in Tolkien. I knew something like this would finally come around 😉


It’s developed and managed by Professor Cory Olsen, of the Tolkien Professor fame. I might sit in to audit a class or two next semester, see how it works and what the quality is (and if it’s actually valid a legitimate graduate level credit). Thoughts?

The art of moving

Well, it’s done.  We are now Omahanians…Omahaites? Hmm, what do we even call ourselves here. Anyone know, or is the jury still out? The internet couldn’t tell me, surprisingly.Maybe we’re just content calling ourselves Nebraskans, as strange as that makes me feel to say.

Here’s a three-part pictorial of my last week, which should sum up how f’ing busy I’ve been, as well as the brutal experience that comes with lifting up one’s life and transplanting to a whole new city.


Packing (no, our house doesn’t always look like this!)


Packed (awwww, poor traumatized dog)


Unpacking (yeesh)