Random Gallery number, uhhh

Here’s another couple more random web finds.

Up first is self-explanatory – a grid of dosages of radiation from various sources. I’ve seen these before, but this one’s fairly new, updated to include some Fukushima numbers. (click it to see larger)


And here’s a herd of mountain goats enjoying the views and safety of a dam.


And here’s a great NYC subway photo from the 80’s – really captures the climate at the time. More of this photo set can be found here 


Tour de backyard

Things are finally greening up, and our chicks are rounding out. Here’s some photos taken during a brief moment between rainshowers.

View from the deck


Rhonda, guest blog writer
Deck, featuring our newly painted privacy/shade; cue Jaeda.
deck and le spa
coop backside: painting in progress, also still need to build on the roost boxes


The coop is up! Chicks spent their first night outside in their new pad, seemed to like the change in scenery and extra space.

Also, I want to say Happy Mother’s Day! This goes out to my mama especially, but also warm thoughts and memories for those who’s Mother’s aren’t just a phone call away. Love you!


chicken coop backyard
chicken coop backyard

capture the popcorn!

Our pullets are now over a week old, with stubby wing and tail feathers starting to poke through the fluff. Here’s a video of them playing with popcorn.

We have 4 varieties:

Rhode Island Red (We named her Rhonda)

Black sexlink hybrid (havent named yet)

Barred Rock (Plymouth), haven’t settled on a name yet

Mottled Java (named her Panda)

Also, the above list is ordered by intelligence. Panda is reeeeallly dumb 😛




Rogue River

Just got back from hiking over 40 miles of the Rogue River, from Grave Creek to Illahe with some friends. Here’s a nifty slideshow of the adventure. We covered the distance in 4 days (3 nights), a pace that allowed for long afternoon relaxation and frequent breaks to swim and explore.
I’m planning to add captions and such to the slides eventually, but they should be fairly enjoyable without…for now.

Also, go fullscreen to view them better! (bottom right button with 4 outward arrows)