Rr-r-roadtrip pt 2



Sadly, loooots of these all over the desert West – a good number being highly toxic and/or radioactive.


Bird o’ Prey


Fortunately it has its own sign




Current status: Found


Elk herds, Tetons/Yellowstone


Tetons, north of Jackson near Yellowstone


Canyon hike


Geologically significant rest stop




A balmy 200 degrees




Happy Horses


Jaeda will protect me, right?

Rogue River

Just got back from hiking over 40 miles of the Rogue River, from Grave Creek to Illahe with some friends. Here’s a nifty slideshow of the adventure. We covered the distance in 4 days (3 nights), a pace that allowed for long afternoon relaxation and frequent breaks to swim and explore.
I’m planning to add captions and such to the slides eventually, but they should be fairly enjoyable without…for now.

Also, go fullscreen to view them better! (bottom right button with 4 outward arrows)


Got a nice recharge yesterday. Loaded up the backpack and went off to get lost.

Headed up to Tumalo Falls/Bridge Creek trailhead  and hiked from 5pm until the light faded…well, actually until I was scrambling over 6 foot snow drifts. Found a nice level space maybe a quarter mile from the trail. Basically just elaxed for most of the evening, getting caught up on podcasts and some ruthless (and much neglected) editing to Appalachia


It’s official, I am moving back to Bend next month after almost half a unique year in Nebraska. One of the first things I’ve thought about doing, when I knew we were moving, was to update and release a new version of my All Around Bend guidebook. This new edition will be more of a stylistic revision, with a number of layout and design changes, as well as some updates to things like fonts and photos. I will not be changing the actual content much, nor will I be adding new attractions…mostly because I’ve not been in Bend for the last six months, haha. The books got enough content I feel, and will only require a couple weeks of fact-checking and research to make sure my attractions are still current. Aside from that, expect a book that looks great, and has the same depth as my 2011/3rd Edition. If you own a 3rd Edition already, you can pass on this one. If you haven’t picked one up? Check out some local Bend store, or my website sometime in perhaps April!


This morning before work I was putting some clothes away in my closet, only to have a mountain of debris fall out. I sighed and decided to do something about it. First up was my fancy internal-frame backpack…my glorious hiking pack that I used to lug all over the place, now sitting idle, taking up space. It really just needed some love, honestly. It was a mess, filled with random bric-a-brac from the move: a bocce ball set, summer clothes, a pair of computer speakers, some envelopes and a stapler.


“This will not do!” I said resolutely to the dog, who eyed me suspiciously before curling back up into a fuzzy ball to resume her post-breakfast nap. I laid the pack out on my office floor and began to tear all the offending items out, discarding them around me like confetti. I had twenty minutes before work, and was determined to make the pack

presentable to a panel of REI employees for judging, if need be.


I scampered into the other room and opened up the big chest that held all our other camping gear; tents, sleeping bags, and an entire crate of campground crap. I fished out everything that ‘should’ go in a well-provisioned backpack: the bug spray, flashlight, first aid kit and survival gear. With stuffed arms, I marched proudly back into my office and began to load my frame pack like I meant business.


I have a reputation to uphold, a rugged and prepared sort of reputation. I would woefully rue the moment when I fetched the pack for a zombie apocalypse last-minute hiking trip… and a lone bocce ball rolls out, thudding sadly to a carpeted floor.


I am happy to say, that in case of any backpack-related-eventuality, I am now golden.