Wintry Goodness

Bend’s had a low precip winter through January, now finally getting a wave of storms. Over three days we got a good few feet…

Snowy chicken coop
The term ‘cooped up’ might be applied here
Snowy Bend Oregon
Winter wonderland day 1 – view west
backyard chicken coop winter
Fresh powder here, and lots on the mountains
Do you have feet of snow on your dead-end street that never gets plowed? I’ve the solution for you.
backyard chickens snow
Our gals exploring the snow trenches; photo courtesy of LL

Pt 4 should wrap it up!

Into Washington


Washington Renaissance Festival – Oldschool Cartography


And a completed map


Melissa the Rat Queen’s Cirque du Sewer


Hello there




He’s holding “Fifty Shades of Grey”, if you couldn’t tell. It should put things in context.


Juggling a bowling ball, flaming stick and an apple (and taking bites of the latter mid-air)


Back home! The ladies pile onto their favorite chair for a group photo.

Tour de backyard

Things are finally greening up, and our chicks are rounding out. Here’s some photos taken during a brief moment between rainshowers.

View from the deck


Rhonda, guest blog writer
Deck, featuring our newly painted privacy/shade; cue Jaeda.
deck and le spa
coop backside: painting in progress, also still need to build on the roost boxes


The coop is up! Chicks spent their first night outside in their new pad, seemed to like the change in scenery and extra space.

Also, I want to say Happy Mother’s Day! This goes out to my mama especially, but also warm thoughts and memories for those who’s Mother’s aren’t just a phone call away. Love you!


chicken coop backyard
chicken coop backyard


Our chickens are big enough to wander around outside with supervision and on warm days. They get very excited every time we come to the brooder box to see them now. J-da instantly fell in love, as can be expected. Her maternal dreams have finally been realized 🙂


Or perhaps… perhaps she is just hungry!



We had a unusually exciting Monday due to some freak weather conditions. The day started with over and inch of snow – on this tax day – having begun falling before I woke and continuing a couple hours into my morning at work. I was feeling meteorologically inclined today, so here’s a blog post about the weather!


bend oregon snow storm


That’s the view from my office window, no mountains to be seen today!


A good breeze brought the sun, melting everywhere but the tiny shadowy corners by maybe 3pm.




This was followed up by another storm front, dropping an hour of really good graupel. Yep, you read that right. It’s a fairly complex phenomena to describe, here’s a Warticle about it. Supercooled water vapor latches rapidly onto snowflakes, turning into a soft styrofoam-like hail.



It’s really unique when it gets deep. Eventually the pellets changed over to a light snow, but not before coating all the streets over again.


I decided to share the graupel with our flock. The reception was inquisitive and exuberant.





You’ll notice they’ve become rather gangling and bristly since their last appearance on this blog 🙂 Jaeda however…it didn’t amuse her. I think she was also disappointed by my graupelman



Also the word graupel is pretty great.




Here chicky-chicky

So the workbench, while crafty, was just a precursor to this next project. The end-product here will be an outdoor chicken coop, but I decided to break this project into parts. For Phase 1, I built just the internal structure. This will serve as our pullet’s home, a brooder box in the garage, for the first few months while they grow.

When it’s time, I will finish this coop by adding:

– a roof

– foam insulation and siding to the exterior

– cut a door on one end and add nesting boxes to one side

– put the whole thing up on sturdy 4×4 stilts

– add on a screen/chickenwire run so they can roam outdoors

chicken coop brood boxchicken coop brood boxchicken coop brood boxchicken coop brood box

Oh, and despite her typical solemn gaze, Jaeda’s tail is wagging enthusiastically above – ready to call the brooder her own, haha!

capture the popcorn!

Our pullets are now over a week old, with stubby wing and tail feathers starting to poke through the fluff. Here’s a video of them playing with popcorn.

We have 4 varieties:

Rhode Island Red (We named her Rhonda)

Black sexlink hybrid (havent named yet)

Barred Rock (Plymouth), haven’t settled on a name yet

Mottled Java (named her Panda)

Also, the above list is ordered by intelligence. Panda is reeeeallly dumb 😛