Tour de backyard

Things are finally greening up, and our chicks are rounding out. Here’s some photos taken during a brief moment between rainshowers.

View from the deck


Rhonda, guest blog writer
Deck, featuring our newly painted privacy/shade; cue Jaeda.
deck and le spa
coop backside: painting in progress, also still need to build on the roost boxes


The coop is up! Chicks spent their first night outside in their new pad, seemed to like the change in scenery and extra space.

Also, I want to say Happy Mother’s Day! This goes out to my mama especially, but also warm thoughts and memories for those who’s Mother’s aren’t just a phone call away. Love you!


chicken coop backyard
chicken coop backyard

Shroomage II

This is a long-awaited followup post to this one, chronicling the growth of my diy fungus colony. The oyster mushrooms were slow growing for the first week or so, then suddenly sprang up over a few days. Here they are nearing full bloom. Creepy alien lifeform…yet so tasty.

Mushroom kit home mushroom kit


With the warm weather ramping up, our front garden has really come alive. Perennial stuff abound, especially herbs: chives, pineapple mint, rosemary, lavender, oregano, thyme, lemon balm, and sage.

In the foreground is our awesome succulent vertical garden (currently horizontal, ha), made for us by the talented folks behind and


This second shot below is of our side deck and the hops, which seem to be taking over the thing a couple feet a day.

Also, tomorrow is the Summer Solstice, just lettin’ ya’ll know 🙂