A busy weekend or two

Here’s a hodgepodge recent photos from a couple different activities.
1. People’s Choice BBQ competition that was tied to the RiverCity Rodeo
2. Few Iowa wineries
3. Upstream and Nebraska Brewing Companies
4. Ditmar Apple Orchard

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that probably all these photos were shot (and in some cases edited) by Lindsay, not I.

Iowa does good

Yep, thats 1.25 for a draft beer. Their choices were Sam Adams summerfest, Blue Moon and Bud Light… Not great selection, but the price? Oh yes. Yes sir-ee.

Pitchers were 4.50. Funny that I go to a Safeway in Oregon, or a beer bar in Boston, and pay 6 bucks for a six pack or $4 for a pint of Sam Adams on sale…and I can get a huge pitched for 4.50 in Hamlin (population 215). Oh, and they’re tenderloin sandwich is world famous…well, maybe Iowa famous.