Pt 4 should wrap it up!

Into Washington


Washington Renaissance Festival – Oldschool Cartography


And a completed map


Melissa the Rat Queen’s Cirque du Sewer


Hello there




He’s holding “Fifty Shades of Grey”, if you couldn’t tell. It should put things in context.


Juggling a bowling ball, flaming stick and an apple (and taking bites of the latter mid-air)


Back home! The ladies pile onto their favorite chair for a group photo.

Appalachia Map

Here is a…rather grim (and obviously fictitious) map in which my Appalachia book will be set in. While it is an arguably bleak dystopian future, this book does have an overall vision of humanity; themes such as community, beauty, friendship and love. It is a simple and sometimes lighthearted story, focusing on a single traveler; not an over-arching geopolitical sort of thriller. The book is still in the editing phase, and I will continue to provide updates and perhaps some pages or snippets here on the ‘ole blog.

Click for larger version:

dystopian US map north America future Armageddon

Also, yes, I made this map from scratch in Photoshop, over a few evening hours last week.

mappity map



Editing and revisions are going very well on my East Realm book, had a very productive Sunday. Finally got around to updating the map this weekend too, to reflect a variety of plot changes and overall polishing up of locales to make things consistent. A slightly larger version is available if you click it. I also applied a textury patina, just for effect. The map in the book would be boring ole white.