Sure, I get out of the house every day to walk the dog, at the least. A few times a week I’ll go run errands, grab dinner or drinks. Then every couple weeks I roll over to Iowa with the wife to visit family. It’s been a few month though since I checked out anything new; been out ‘exploring’. Today I decided to make a visit westward towards Lincoln though, to get some fresh air and go for a drive.

My first stop was Conestoga, a state rec area centered around a large man-made reservoir. The weather was up in the 50’s and I made my way around the lake in about half an hour, Jaeda in toe. Despite the probably-freezing water, you can’t keep a lab from wanting to wade out. It was nice and remote; only a boy scout troop at the adjacent campground, and the sun to balance out the wind.

Our next stop was Lincoln itself. It’s thoroughly a college-town when you reach the downtown strip. There was also a basketball game or something, so roving packs of kids were abound, cheering, hooting, and generally being boisterous. It reminded me of a town like Boulder, Charlottesville, or Morgantown; lots of young people, tons of bars, a bit grimy and well-worn. It has more personality than Omaha, quite a lot more, and a fraction of the size. I wish we had visited some crazy football-game Saturday, just to see the menagerie, but alas, we’re moving from the Midwest next month.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable afternoon, and a perfect escape from the routine I have found myself falling into. Maybe another short roadtrip will be in order sometime in the upcoming weeks? Any suggestions?