I’ve generally avoided politics on this blog; a good idea if the peace is to be kept.


My interests in politics skews more towards the past and future – rather than day-to-day soundbytes, breaking election coverage, moneyball statistics, and 24/7 ‘newz’… Instead, I enjoy examining the historical aspects of politics, which like history or fiction have uncanny and reliably predictable themes, the same stories retelling with different actors. In this way, politics can be appreciated, predicted, and enjoyed for what it is, as well as providing a curious glimpse into humankind at a higher level.


So where was, I? Elections? So yep, Barack won – I’d say he earned it. It’s not an easy job and he’s done well enough, dealing with a lot more shit than most Presidents. I have serious concerns about drones, domestic privacy, education, PAC’s, and myriad other issues, but as I mentioned above, I won’t get into politics on this blog. That’s my election synopsis for now, Political Science BA and all 🙂

…RAAAAAAAAAWR! Mr and Mrs Presidentasaurus 2012 !


I’m also incredibly busy with work currently, specifically clients in the Sandy…and now nor’easter… ravaged post-apocalyptic wastelands back East (NJ and surrounds). I’ll try to keep the posts coming, there’s always adventures to be had 😀



Recycling Woes

Apparently a few years ago, the City of Omaha decided to stop recycling glass curbside. As a whole, the city is abysmal with its overall recycling policies too. Driving down the streets on recycling day, I see very few bins. I’d at first have said it’s a Midwest thing…but discovered nearby cities like Des Moines have wonderful recycling programs, so that’s not it.

As with any municipal program, it likely comes down to money. Glass is heavy and costs more (and is worth less) to recycle than coke cans. As such, the city simply stopped it. In addition, right across the border is Council Bluffs, and Iowa has a 5 cent deposit for returned glass bottles. I should just haul my glass across the border and make some cold cash!

Alas, even if my trunk was full of months of glass bottles, and I spent all afternoon redeeming them via the machines in Iowa, I’d have a wasted afternoon and maybe five bucks for my trouble. I just want to get rid of this stuff responsibly! There are dropoffs in Omaha for glass; receptacles in a few grungy lots across the city, but none close to home…this looks like my best bet though. Either that or just pitching the bottles in with our trash.

Oh well, it’s just a few bottles…i’ll get over it. Besides, who cares about mountains of glass when you also live in the city with some of the most toxic tapwater? I also don’t want you to think that I’m bashing the fine folks in this city…well maybe some of them…such as the folks they chose to govern.

a wee bit political?

Sure, I could go into a lengthy discussion about this country and its policies. I could also rattle off depressing statistics about things like education, health care, energy, crime, you name it. As an amateur political scientist sort of fellow (that is what my degree was in after all), I could also try to pinpoint the causes, demonstrate and predict trends, and engage in rousing debate.

Nah, instead I’ll just post a .jpg, since that’s also something within my skillset, and it’s also the lazier option.

I present to you the following image, which i think says more than a thousand words…as the saying goes: