three day weeeeekend

Had a killer weekend. Spent Friday night with the wife in Portland (for her 30th), and then we had a salvo of concerts in Bend: The Shins, Tenacious D, and Beck; along with BBQing ribs and burgers, putting together Ikea furniture, yardwork, and all that other fun stuff. Whew! More photos to come !

Pair ‘o Brews

Recently celebrated my glorious day of birth, and – among the various mathoms – I received a pair of interesting brews.

Up first is E.S Bam from Jolly Pumpkin. I seemed to recognize this one, and sure enough, I found a review I did on BeerAdvocate (back when I was active) on 12-16-2008. I gave it a good review, here included in its original un-spellchecked wonder:

Had this and Bam Bier 750's back to back over 2 evenings. I actually think I liked the Bam Bier a bit better. This one just seemed a bit less complex, and a bit more unrefined. Poured a dark amber into my Church BrewWorks tulip glass. Craggly white head sits aloft. Immediatly getting a big ole yeasty farmhouse brett funk, which I definitely dig. Some other earthy grassy aromas in there too as the hops show up. I totally love the open fermentation and the tasty saison funk, but this just didnt meet my apparently high expectations.
It;s basically funly yeast with some hops dumped in. It's just kind of flat...not carbonation wise...but flavor wise, compared to other JP brews ive had.

So with this bit of 4-year old nostalgia revealed, We’ll be cracking this beer open tomorrow…look for the exciting update!


The second brew was by Upright Brewing, a very excellent brewery in Portland. This one’s a “strong lager” and inspired/tribute to The Clash (and/or punk rock in general).This brew poured with very tenacious carbonation, tart and crisp like champagne. The taste was more tart, also a bit peppery and floral. The carbonation added a lot of effervescence to the mouthfeel, and also brings out a bit of boozy heat (though it’s fairly tame at 6.75%). Overall a really cool style and very good brew. If you can find a bottle (limited release), grab one uppp!