The typical college graduate reads at a speed around 200-300 words a minute. This is pretty darn quick, and a basic novel can be completed in half a day.



Speed reading isn’t exactly easy or enjoyable, but new technology and study on how humans read has made headway in recent years, especially with the prevalence of mobile phones, tablets, etc.



As it turns out, the human eye’s slowest task is moving from one word to another across a page, to acquire an ORP (Optical Recognition Point) in the next word. The actual recognition and comprehension takes our brains a mere fraction of time. As a result, new reading methods have been developed, specifically a tool called Spritz, which allows readers to greatly accelerate their speed, without affecting comprehension.




That was 250WPM. Not too bad?

This tool is especially useful for business applications such as email, technical guides, school textbooks, reporting, legal, etc. I wouldn’t use this for novels and books, since authors often have quirky grammar and presentation, but it’s amazing for tackling tedious text.





Are you ready for 500wmp?




Congrats, you’re reading 500wpm, rockstar! You can read an entire novel (Harry Potter #1, at 309 pages) in less than 77 minutes! The learning curve is gentle for this tool, and most readers can even do this at 1000wpm without much effort… tip: try looking at it passively and feel free to blink, it’s generally easier to keep up if you’re relaxed, looking through words without ‘locking in’ on them.


I predict this tool or adaptations of it to become popular for anyone looking to improve their mobile, technical, and educational productivity. This technology may also become the default text display on everything from tiny displays (watches and wearable tech, cellphones, and car dashes) to more content-rich media (billboards and roadsigns, ebooks and textbooks, news tickers) and more due to its ability to fit entire paragraphs and pages of content into both a small space and a short amount of time.


The tool in full form has options for pausing, manual speed adjusting, eye guides and other features. (For this blog post I used example/animated gif’s, you can try the tool for real over at their site, http://www.spritzinc.com/ )



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