Random Gallery number, uhhh

Here’s another couple more random web finds.

Up first is self-explanatory – a grid of dosages of radiation from various sources. I’ve seen these before, but this one’s fairly new, updated to include some Fukushima numbers. (click it to see larger)


And here’s a herd of mountain goats enjoying the views and safety of a dam.


And here’s a great NYC subway photo from the 80’s – really captures the climate at the time. More of this photo set can be found here 


Clearing Cobwebs

I rather enjoy being the IT support for my extended family. I’m not sure how often this is the case for other nerdy folk, but I really don’t mind it. For one thing, I don’t do tech work anymore; as I have snuck off to actual creative and social pursuits; design, web development, social media and project management specifically. For another reason…it’s nostalgic. IT is also a skillset that doesn’t seem to diminish with underexposure.


My wife’s aunt dumped an old Dell desktop tower on me last weekend, wondering if I could take a look at…to see if it was worth keeping, selling, erasing, etc. As it turns out, Windows was jacked, but with a handy O/S disc I was able to restore it to its pre-2002 state. Threw a stick of RAM in it too.


It’s actually funny how primitive Windows XP looks these days, to someone who’s used to seeing Win7 or Macs exclusively for a couple years. Not to mention, it was WinXP SP1…and after installing for twenty minutes to get up to SP3, I was presented with: this…many…updates…

Windows XP gives me flashbacks of how Win95/98 used to look to me years ago. To anyone who says that XP has aged well, I would be inclined to disagree. It’s just so clunky and fragile.


Said Aunt has an iPad and a newer laptop, so this Dell will likely just show up on Craigslist, but it was a hoot to work on this blast-from-the-past for just an evening, and to restore it to it’s former glory 🙂


So it’s stained (and aired out) and setup in my office now (okay, not completely aired out, bleh).

I put a good four or so hours on it yesterday, and it’s perfect! The height is spot-on, and I just have a folded towel that I stand on for now, basically a pad to keep my feet from getting sore. Woke up this AM with tight calves, so there’s muscles being worked, that’s for sure.

A few monitor cords are a bit short to reach the floor (hence the propped up PC and surge protector), but the setup is otherwise exactly how I imagined it.